Alberta Rebels gear up to deliver the other side of the story for 2019 elections (Guest: Keean Bexte)

January 2nd, 2019

30 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Alberta should see a provincial election called for Spring 2019.

Next fall, Canada will be plunged into the depths of a Federal election campaign.

That means we have a big job ahead of us - especially for me and my Alberta Rebel colleague, Keean Bexte. The mainstream media in Alberta, with the exception of a select few, has completely abdicated their duty to hold the government to account on behalf of the people.

Instead, the media holds the people to account on behalf of the government, often naming and shaming private citizens who are guilty of “wrong-think” - scolding normal people for not protesting the government in an MSM approved manner, and for not taking the destruction of the Alberta economy (and often their own lives) in stride.

Keean has been making waves since the day he started with us. He punches up, and he is not afraid of a fight, taking on the Alberta Education Minister, David Eggen, for failing Alberta students, and confronting convicted terrorist Omar Khadr outside of the Edmonton courthouse.

Today on the show, in an interview we recorded New Year’s Day, Keean and I discuss some of his favourite stories since he came on board, who takes top spot for worst NDP cabinet minister and to share his plans for 2019.

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